Announcement! We have just successfully held our first meeting! Thanks to all who managed to attend. We got a lot of information out and got some good ideas from those that attended of where they would like to see this club go! 

Welcome to Our Org

Welcome back to the beautiful city of Eau Claire for a great 2010-11 school year about to commense! And welcome to the brand new SIMS program. This is a group for students who are interested in Military Science to get involved and be given the opportunity to learn and experience military aspects hands-on. It is a student driven program, so what you want is what we'll get out of the program.

Join us!!

If you're interested or even just curious to see what we're about, we'd love to have you! Events will be posted with opportunities arising. With any further questions please contact us...


Secretary, Erica Dalziel:

President, Robert Herther: